Photos from the charity golf tournament May 2nd 2017.

Many thanks to everyone who  came out to this year’s charity golf tournament.  We keep growing with each outing.  To our amazing sponsors, donors and participants, we can’t thank you enough.  Without each and every one of you this event would not be possible.  We are truly grateful and touched to have such amazing friends, neighbors, colleagues and family who make each event bigger than the next.  We look forward to the next one and will keep everyone updated as we progress with our plans.

Please see the photos below from the charity golf tournament from May 2nd 2017.

We had a wonderful and memorable time with you all and continue to bring awareness to blood clotting  diseases.  The funds raised at this year’s event will benefit the National Blood Clot Alliance.

Thank you again for your participation.










3 rd Annual Golf Tournament in the memory of Rob Koziura


3rd 2017 ANNUAL registration form

Hello friends, family and guests,

May 2, 2017 we will be holding our third golf tournament in the memory of Rob, we just can’t believe that it has been four years since Rob’s passing from Blood Clots.  We hold this tournament and other events to bring awareness and provide funding for medical research for Blood Clotting diseases.  This is a fun event and hope that you can join us on May 2, 2017 at Frenchman’s Reserve Country Club located in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. Our foundation is a 501C3 foundation and all contributions are fully tax deductible. Please see the attached form to register for this tournament or make a donation.  We thank you for your support!


Pictures from 2nd Annual Golf Tournament May 1st, 2015


I would like to thank all the participants and contributors in our Second Annual ForAProbableKoz Golf Tournament.

The Event was a  great success. We raffled off many great prizes and had a variety of unique silent auction items.  It is too bad that no one won the Mercedes Benz  on hole  fourteen. But no worries you will have a crack at it at our 3rd Annual Golf Tournament next year. We are bringing awareness to blood clotting diseases by supporting the National Blood Clot Alliance with our fundraising. Again, Thank You for your support and see you next year.






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